too much to handle

im a redneck, aint changin for anyone. i live for my best friend that died too young, Brooke Giroux. havin fun and gettin muddy. United States Marine.

i love trucks, huntin fishin and drinking are the things im best at.

t-sleep said:
You're gorgeous and thank you for your service. If you're ever assigned to Navy Region Northwest I'd love to treat you to dinner.

Haha thanks

timmmaaayyy said:
Haha that's why you need to come to 29 palms (:

Haha fuck that

Anonymous said:
May I have my penis out while I look at you sexy?

no ya nasty

timmmaaayyy said:
By the way I'm very sorry for your loss 😔

thank you i appreciate it

timmmaaayyy said:
That dress is killer !! 😦

yeah my cousin had great taste

Anonymous said:
Do you like your boobs?


Someone ordered beach bodies?

rollindewbies said:
Hey, i just signed up for the DEP. And i was wondering, if the boot camp is as taxing on the body as everyone in my family cracks it up to be. I believe in myself 100% but its discouraging to hear from family that i "wont be able to do the runs" or "since im a girl my body wont be able to handle it". I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

Tell em to shut up like I did, my step mom said I’d come out butch and gay and look at me I still like guys and I still look like a chick. It sucks and it’s hard at the time, you’ll bleed you’ll get hurt and you’ll wanna cry, just push through it and prove everyone wrong.

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