too much to handle

im a redneck, aint changin for anyone. i live for my best friend that died too young, Brooke Giroux. havin fun and gettin muddy. United States Marine.

i love trucks, huntin fishin and drinking are the things im best at.

Anonymous said:
Are your tits real? They look too perfect in that dress!


Anonymous said:
I love you your eyes are so pretty


legsandbootyx3 said:
wow, you're gorgeous :) do you think you would be willing to submit a photo to my blog? :)

Nah got a career to worry about. Thank you though

Anonymous said:
Goin to Pendleton?

Idk where I wanna go yet

Fuckin aforable

Anonymous said:
Have you ever touched yourself?

Get a life

therunnerguy said:
hey how are you?

Not too bad hbu?

Anonymous said:
How is the Big Green Weenie treating you?

Eh yaknow it has it’s ups and downs

Anonymous said:
But one does not simply roll tide if they're not from Alabama..

Yes they do

Anonymous said:
Are you from Alabama?

No but roll tide

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